Interview with Mr. Kinya Iwamoto, President, Gitoh Systems Co., Ltd.

Q. Please give us an overview of your company’s business.
Our company’s expertise is in system development involving image processing technologies. One of our core technologies is gaze position tracking, and we provide purpose-built software solutions based on the individual needs of our customers. Gaze position tracking involves a range of image processing and analysis technologies, so we are able to build customized solutions to various complex problems presented by our clients. We mostly build software that operates on personal computers.

Many of our customers are major companies. We are usually asked to handle one portion of their system development that requires the use of image processing. We always start with understanding our client’s needs, and then make suggestions on how our technology can be used to address those needs.

Our company has been working on gaze position tracking for a very long time and I have 20 years of experience in this field. We are especially known for the robustness of our gaze tracking system, which is critical in applying the technology to ADAS and other driving-related systems. The reason why robustness is so important in driving technology is that the lighting conditions in a vehicle can change minute by minute while you’re driving. For example, the driver can be hit by the bright afternoon sun, or the shadow of the rearview mirror can fall on the driver’s face. This can change when the driver makes a turn. In order for driver assistance technologies to work, the gaze position tracking system must maintain robustness and accuracy under various lighting conditions. Our technology adapts seamlessly to changes in natural and artificial lighting conditions, shadows, and other conditions, which we see as a great advantage.

Gitoh Systems Co., Ltd. at ET/IoT Technology 2018

Gitoh Systems at ET/IoT Technology 2018

Q. Have you worked with companies outside Japan or have plans to do so in the future?
We do not have active business relations with international clients at this moment, but several companies have approached us expressing interest in our technology. Now that we have been operating in this field for 15 years, we are aware that there is a high interest in image processing technology around the globe. In fact, foreign companies have been approaching us from early on. Currently, due to limited staff resources, the reality is that we haven’t been able to respond to all inquiries from international clients.

We do hope to expand our business abroad in the future, especially in the US and Europe. We are also considering China and South East Asia that have large markets. Our current plan is to gain a footing in the US or Europe and then move on to other areas. We think that our gaze tracking technology has a lot of potential in the automotive industry and will be of interest to related companies around the world. While we do not have an exact timeline at this point, we do hope to expand to US/Europe within five years or so.

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November 16, 2018 at ET/IoT Technology 2018