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Yokohama has attracted many IT companies due to its unbeatable accessibility, proximity to the Tokyo mega-market, an established cluster of high-tech manufacturing, and presence of a highly skilled workforce. Global trendsetters have chosen Yokohama as the site for major R&D centers, such as the Apple YTC which started operations in 2017, and the LG Yokohama Innovation Center scheduled to start operations in 2021, while the City has also been a popular destination for startups and SMEs.

The growing IT sector is supported by first class educational and research institutions, such as 9 science and engineering universities, incubation centers, and Technology Licensing Organizations (TLOs), many of which have collaborated with IT companies in joint research projects. The Tokyo Institute of Technology has recently established the Institute of Innovative Research, while several leading institutions such as Keio University have advance research facilities on their Yokohama campuses. There are numerous incubation facilities throughout the city operated by IDEC Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture, universities, and private organizations.

The city has been actively involved in building platforms to facilitate cross-sector collaboration. In June 2017, the city and its partners launched ITOP Yokohama, a collaboration platform for businesses and organizations invested in innovation in fields such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, AI, and robotics. ITOP Yokohama currently has over 300 members and carries out a wide variety of activities such as networking, collaborative projects, and joint workforce development initiatives. Additionally, there is a private-sector led networking initiative which brings together large companies, SMEs, academics, and entrepreneurs that share a common interest in IT.

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At a Glance

  • As of 2014, Yokohama had a total of 3,032 IT establishments. 1,613 (50.0%) were software related, 770 (25.4%) were hardware related, and 649 (21.4%) were content businesses.
  • As of 2014, there were 89,358 people employed in the IT sector in Yokohama. 54,587 (61.1%) were employed by software companies, 29,166 (32.6%) by hardware companies, and 5,605 (6.3%)by digital content companies


ITOP Yokohama:

An innovation platform for collaboration and exchange, project implementation, and human resources development to spur the growth of new businesses in IoT, big data, AI, and robotics, while capitalizing on Yokohama’s existing manufacturing and IT industries. In order to qualify for membership, companies/organizations/universities must be interested in engaging in open innovation to design new products or services using IoT etc., and either already work with SMEs or plan to involve SMEs in their prospective projects.

Website: (Japanese Only)

Yokohama IT Cluster Exchange:

An organization that aims to expand business opportunities for venture firms and SMEs in Yokohama. Initiatives include technical advising, and management training and business matching between companies and universities. Initially launched as the “Shin-Yokohama IT Cluster Exchange” by several semiconductor companies and the Economic Affairs Bureau of the city government, the exchange rebranded itself to assume its current name in February 12, 2013. The exchange is currently run jointly by local companies, the Economic Affairs Bureau, and IDEC.

Website: (Japanese Only)

Key Companies & Organizations

Foreign-owned companies

  • ARM K.K.
  • Cadence Design Systems, Japan
  • Lenovo Japan Ltd.
  • Wipro Limited Japan Office

Japanese Companies

  • Fujisoft Incorporated
  • Innotech Corporation
  • Macnica, Inc.
  • Panasonic Mobile Communications Co.Ltd.
  • Socionext Inc.
  • Tecmo Koei Holdings Co.,Ltd.
  • Zuken Inc.

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