Advanced Manufacturing

Yokohama has always been known as one of the leading industrial and manufacturing cities in Japan. The manufacturing sector in Yokohama is the fourth largest in Japan in scale, and the city ranks second in terms of amount of manufactured goods shipped. The area has seen a significant clustering of manufacturing companies; in addition to the headquarters of Nissan, 13 of the world’s top suppliers and manufacturers of automobile parts have established their Japanese subsidiaries or R&D facilities in Yokohama (MarkLines 2015). Furthermore, foreign companies such as Caterpillar Japan, KUKA Robotics Japan, and machine manufacturers have recently made moves to establish R&D bases in the region. These companies are eying opportunities to partner with universities with strong science and technology programs gathered in the area, such as the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yokohama National University, and Keio University.

A new trend among SME manufacturing in Yokohama, Japan is the exploration of new fields such as design manufacturing that involve cross-industry collaboration, exemplified in the Yokohama Makers Village, a branding project by metal processing companies that have come together to make cutting-edge products by combining manufacturing technology with high class design. The city supports such creative endeavors in manufacturing by SMEs and startups through providing collaboration platforms such as ITOP Yokohama and LIP. Yokohama.

IDEC Yokohama runs several incubation centers throughout the city and has published the “Yokohama Monozukuri Company Guide” in an effort to aid manufacturing SMEs’ product promotion activities. Furthermore, the city operates its very own Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program which encourages SMEs to engage in new technology and product development.

The city has also invested in workforce development initiatives, operating its own Industrial Technology Support Center and collaborating with companies and local schools in workforce training efforts that include career education and internships.

Yokohama Advanced Manufacturing

At a Glance


  • As of 2017, there are 88,058 people employed in the manufacturing sector in Yokohama. 15,482 (17.6%) were employed by food manufacturers, 13,487 (15.3%) by transportation equipment manufacturers, and 7,483 (8.5%) by metal product manufacturers.
  • As of 2017, Yokohama has a total of 2,345 manufacturing establishments. Of the total, 403 (17.2%) are metal products manufacturers, 306 (13.0%) are manufacturers of product machinery and equipment, and 183 (7.8%) are manufacturers of electrical machinery and equipment.


IDEC Yokohama (Yokohama Industrial Development Corporation):

As the main SME support organization of the City, IDEC supports SMEs stabilize and strengthen their business bases, offers solutions for corporate management, promotes the launch of businesses and the development of overseas business, all with the objective of contributing to the vitality of Yokohama’s economy, including the manufacturing companies of Japan located in the city.



Key Companies & Organizations


  • Caterpillar Japan LLC
  • IRISO Electronics co.,ltd 
  • KUKA Japan K.K.
  • Lasertec Corporation
  • TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd.   

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