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Since 2017, Yokohama, Japan has been taking steps to bolster its Startup Ecosystem, working to provide support and resources for the growing number of startups and entrepreneurs in Yokohama. These efforts have resulted in even more startups choosing Yokohama as their home city, as new accelerator programs, co-working spaces, and innovation driving organizations have enriched the local ecosystem, alongside the large corporations that already make up Yokohama’s thriving business landscape.

Here we are providing lists of startups, accelerators, co-working spaces, and some of the innovation-driving organizations that are located in Yokohama City*. Please use the tabs to swap between the different lists.

If you are a global company interested in doing business in Japan, we hope this information is useful to you in understanding the kinds of companies and innovative ideas in Yokohama City, as well as some of the support available for companies that choose to locate here.

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Other Facets of Yokohama’s Startup Ecosystem

*Please note: these lists of startups and other entities in Yokohama are non-comprehensive, and will be updated periodically based on information obtained by the City of Yokohama. Links included in these lists may be Japanese-language only. If you notice a broken link or missing/incorrect information, please contact us.