Why Yokohama?

Yokohama City is one of Japan’s first truly international cities, and has long been a prime choice for global companies choosing their business location in Japan.

Wondering what makes Yokohama City an great place to expand into when choosing your business location in Japan? Why you would choose Yokohama over someplace like Tokyo? Follow the links below to learn more about how the City of Yokohama can help your business and workers get the absolute most out of your expansion into Japan.

Accessibly of Yokohama


Moving in to Yokohama will help you access all of Asia and the rest of the world.


Strategic Location:

Yokohama is close to central Tokyo, while keeping business costs more affordable.


Highly Skilled Workforce:

Yokohama hosts a myriad of academic and R&D institutions that generate talent.

Major Industries in Yokohama

Innovative Culture:

Yokohama has an environment that nurtures new innovation and business ideas.

Quality of Life

Quality of Life:

 Yokohama is an international city that provides a comfortable living environment for all of its citizens, including expatriats.

Yokohama Business Districts

Business Districts & Cost:

Yokohama has nine unique business districts with easy access to transportation.

Partnership and collaboration

Business Support & Incentives:

Yokohama offers a range of incentives to companies expanding or relocating to the region.