Major Industries

The City of Yokohama has grown into an international business hub where many companies from various industries gather from Japan and abroad. In particular, the city has seen the clustering of IT, life science, mobility, and manufacturing industries, attracting companies, universities and research institutions related to these fields and prompting cross-sector collaboration. High-skill labor supporting these industries has flocked to the region.

The city has supported companies that have chosen to locate in Yokohama through providing incentives and consulting services, as well as establishing networking platforms and incubation centers. In addition, the city has been actively engaged in finding solutions to social issues through partnerships with local companies, which is manifested in the numerous collaborative pilot projects that the city has implemented, often involving the application of new technology in the urban environment.

The city has received international recognition for its Smart City initiatives that make use of public-private partnerships. In 2010, Yokohama was selected as one of World Bank’s Eco2 Cities. The city has also been awarded the City Award of the World Smart City Awards (2011), the Global Green City Award (2013),and the APEC ESCI Best Practices Awards (2015).


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