Voluntary Local Review

  • Voluntary Local Reviews (VLRs) help local cities track their progress toward achieving the SDGs.
  • Yokohama published its first VLR in 2021.

Voluntary Local Reviews (VLRs) are initiatives by cities around world to review their efforts for the localizing of the SDGs. The VLR initiative has been spreading worldwide since the first VLRs in the world were released in 2018 by New York City and three cities in Japan.  Since then, the United Nations and other international organizations and local government networks have supported the adoption of VLRs by cities and local governments around the world, leading to an increase of published VLRs around the world.

A VLR is more than just a report: it’s a process and a tool to communicate with people, stakeholders and leaders both domestically and internationally. For cities, a VLR is a way of tracking progress and policy, making sure that decisions and direction are matching the underlying intent. For citizens, a VLR offers transparency into the details and the “how” behind declarations like “Yokohama will be Carbon Neutral by 2050,” as well as showing progress toward each of the 17 specific Goals.

The City of Yokohama released its first VLR in 2021.

“Voluntary Local Review (VLR) of the SDGs: Accelerating transformation of cities”



City of Yokohama SDGs Voluntary Local Review 2021


Sharing Yokohama’s VLR Information With the World