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  • Yokohama has a fantastic transportation infrastructure for air, sea, rail, and highway.
  • Major Japanese and international cities have easy access from Yokohama.

One of Yokohama’s greatest strengths is its accessibility. Companies that choose to locate there have easy and quick access from Yokohama to areas in neighboring Tokyo, other Japanese cities, and the rest of Asia as well.

Yokohama is located within in the “Greater Tokyo Area,” one of the world’s largest metropolitan areas with an economy and population equivalent to that of a country. Yokohama is also in close proximity to the international airports Haneda and Narita, and hosts the international trade port, Yokohama Port. Both Haneda and Narita have daily direct flights to major U.S. cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, as well as regular flights to other major cities in Asia and Europe.

This ease of international access is a significant reason why businesses choose to locate themselves in Yokohama as they build their global operation.

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Domestically, Yokohama’s well-established network of railways and highways provide easy access to industrial clusters and distribution bases throughout the Greater Tokyo Area and to other major cities including Nagoya and Osaka.

This accessibility helps companies to collaborate not only with companies and research institutions in and around Yokohama and the adjacent Tokyo, but also those in industrial clusters in other regions of Japan.

As such, many businesses including IT companies desiring to partner with manufacturers to explore self-driving technology and other advancements stemming from the Internet of Things (IoT) have proudly chosen Yokohama as their home.

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