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Cure×Clothing Project: Developing clothes that inspire movement

by | Apr 5, 2019

Workout clothes that make you want to work out.

As part of the “Cure×Clothing Project” to support people’s natural movement from a fashion standpoint, Yokohama City University’s Communication Design Center (YDC-CDC)* is partnering with Studio NIBROLL CO., LTD. to drive the production of “Clothes that inspire movement.”

Studio NIBROLL, with funding from the City of Yokohama, has newly developed “NEGA-POSI,” a T-shirt featuring a design that changes when the wearer works up a sweat or gets wet (pictured above); and “38℃,” clothing which uses special thermochromic microcapsules to change color as the wearer heats up, and revert to its original color once cooled.
Both apparel products are fashion items that promote healthy living from a healthcare perspective though encouraging movement, and support the message: “Let’s get Up and Enjoy the Town.”

*YCU-CDC is the world’s first creative research institution involved in medical science research that aims to solve the issue of communication in the field of healthcare. By building a sustainable development system of creative research from a foundation of medical science research and utilizing the power of communication to contribute to people’s health and happiness, YCU-CDC works to provide a new way of life for Japan’s hyper-aging society.

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