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CONNECT Springboard Program partnership to support Yokohama City startups

by | May 10, 2019

The City of Yokohama will be partnering with CONNECT, the San Diego accelerator that has successfully supported over 3000 startups, to launch the “CONNECT Springboard Program” in Yokohama. The goal of this program will be to accelerate the growth of Yokohama’s life science startups and SMEs.

The participating life science companies from Yokohama will work under CONNECT’s expert guidance to hone their products and pitches in preparation for Demo Day at BioJapan2019, Asia’s largest partnering event for the global biotech industry. Consulting and strategic advice will also be available through LIP. YOKOHAMA BIBLIO—the city’s public life-science support center seeking to promote global business expansion and promote Yokohama as an “Innovation City.”

Sister cities since 1957, Yokohama and San Diego are continuing to strengthen strategic ties by building out a relationship in the life science industry. Yokohama’s life science public/private platform “LIP (Life Innovation Platform) Yokohama” is sure to be greatly bolstered by the joining of San Diego’s CONNECT accelerator, the CONNECT Springboard Program, and the global biotech industry group BIOCOM.

  • CONNECT is a standout accelerator in the startup community of San Diego, U.S.A., which supports the creation and large-scale growth of stellar companies in the IT and Life Science industries.
    • Supported the establishment and development of over 3000 companies since 1985 by providing access to the skilled talent, capital, and technology necessary for entrepreneurs and executive management to succeed.
    • One of the world’s most successful organizations specializing in connecting entrepreneurs and executive management to the necessary resources for them to commercialize innovative products and services
  • LIP. YOKOHAMA BIBLIO is a support center managed by the Kihara Memorial Yokohama Foundation and subsidized by the City of Yokohama.

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