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LIP. YOKOHAMA BIBLIO – New support center for life-science SMEs and startups opened within Yokohama City’s WeWork

by | May 17, 2019

SMEs and startups in the life-science field often have a need to search through theses, perform reviews of R&D information and results, and receive advice from specialists and experts, yet for SMEs and startups the high costs involved with such services can often prove to be problematic. To enhance the infrastructure of available information and increase the competitiveness of local companies, the “LIP. YOKOHAMA BIBLIO” support center was created within WeWork’s Ocean Gate Minato Mirai location—Japan’s largest coworking space  . It is expected to contribute to the growth and acceleration of Yokohama’s life-science innovation.


Managed by the Kihara Memorial Yokohama Foundation*, the LIP. YOKOHAMA BIBLIO center offers the following services free of charge.

  • An online tool to search for theses and review R&D information.
  • Access to technical medical and health-related literature, magazines, and market research reports.
  • Consultation with coordinators well-versed in medicinal development and Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law.
  • Consultation with patent attorneys specializing in intellectual property.

Furthermore, LIP. (Life Innovation Platform) YOKOHAMA will also be supporting the newly-announced Yokohama-based acceleration program created in conjunction with CONNECT, an accelerator from Yokohama’s sister city San Diego


*Kihara Memorial Yokohama Foundation
Encourages science and the diffusion of knowledge in the life-science sector, and supports R&D and business growth for Yokohama City, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, and the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development.

Learn more:

Life Science industry in Yokohama

LIP. YOKOHAMA BIBLIO website (Japanese):

Kihara Memorial Yokohama Foundation:

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Americas Latest News

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