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World-Class Mentoring Program kicks off in Yokohama

by | Jul 19, 2019

Four startups/companies have been officially selected for ”The Springboard™ Program in Yokohama,” a partnership between Yokohama City and San Diego accelerator “CONNECT with San Diego Venture Group” (CONNECT) to create a world-class mentoring program.  CONNECT has a proven record supporting more than 3,000 startups in San Diego. The Springboard™ Program in Yokohama is offering mentoring services to the four companies, and establishes a connection between CONNECT and LIP. YOKOHAMA BIBLIO, which is a support base in Yokohama. The Kihara Memorial Yokohama Foundation is helping to facilitate and support the program. The four participating companies will be provided services by both San Diego and Yokohama until September.

Upon completing the program, the participating companies will be provided certification by CONNECT and have an opportunity to pitch at BIO Japan 2019, the largest partnering event in Asia, which is taking place in Yokohama. We hope that the program will be a launchpad for participating startups and drive further collaborations and partnerships abroad.



[Participating companies]

ARTham Therapeutics, developing, through a virtual R&D operating model, drugs such as a treatment for non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.

atDOSE, developing a mobile dosing and infusing device which can dose a very small amount precisely at a target point. (Japanese only)

Nitto, developing “archelis”, a wearable chair intended to solve the physical stress of medical professionals caused by standing for long hours at work. (Japanese only)

Jiksak Bioengineering, supporting drug discovery and developing “Nerve organoid”, a realistic model of internal nervous tissue.



[CONNECT with San Diego Venture Group]

CONNECT and San Diego Venture Group, two major supporting institutions in San Diego, merged in April 2019. CONNECT is an accelerator supporting tech and life science startups, and San Diego Venture Group is an organization that works with its network of connections in venture capital to support fundraising. The merger enables the new CONNECT to provide even stronger and more stable services.


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CONNECT with San Diego Venture Group

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