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Kanagawa prefecture’s natural flavors featured in new Japanese food box by Kokoro Care Packages

by | Nov 9, 2020

Kanagawa Prefecture’s natural foods are being featured by Kokoro Care Packages, a company which provides subscription services for people who live outside Japan but love Japanese food. Among the new limited-availability “Kanagawa Nourishing Essentials Care Package” contents, Iwai’s Sesame Chili Oil and a Brown Rice and Miso Energy Bar flavored with Umeboshi and Dried Bonito are both selected from Yokohama, a central city of Kanagawa.

Kokoro Care Packages delivers selected additive-free and natural foods from Japan to customers all over the globe, accompanied by English descriptions of ingredients and articles with producer’s stories and backgrounds. Japanese food lovers interested in these novel tastes of local Japan from Kokoro Care Packages usually need to join through a subscription model, but this special Kanagawa Package is available on a one-time basis order. (Limited Availability)

Kanagawa Prefecture is adjacent to Tokyo, and includes Yokohama, one of Japan’s most active international ports; Hakone, the region’s best onsen (natural hot springs) site; and Kamakura, the historic town famous for the Kamakura Daibutsu (The Great Buddha). These popular destinations and the rest of Kanagawa attract people with their diverse cultures and fascinating beauty. Kanagawa is also home to a multitude of unique local foods and gifts which are nurtured in the natural beauty and diverse cultures of Kanagawa.

Here are the foods selected by Kokoro Care Packages for the “Kanagawa Nourishing Essentials Care Package.”

KAMAKURA DAIBUTSU CANDY (Producer: Dagashiya Kamakura Hase, Location: Kamakura)

Ingredients: Sugar, starch syrup, oligosaccharide (dietary fiber)

These local candies are modeled after the Kamakura Daibutsu (Great Buddha), one of Kanagawa’s most popular and awe-inspiring sights. A modeler from Takaoka City in Toyama Prefecture was asked to create a miniature representation of the Kamakura Daibutsu which captures its likeness and helps to spread the Buddha’s wishes for strong relationships and good fortune.

NATTO KOJI PASTE (Producer: Toyokuniya, Location: Sagamihara)

Ingredients: Natto (from Kanagawa), soy sauce, rice, rice malt

Natto, a classic Japanese food made from fermented soybeans, can be an acquired taste. However, Toyokuniya uses a double fermentation process to remove the odor and stickiness, making this savory paste easy for everyone to enjoy. They also use a rare “Tsukui soybean” cultivated on their family-farm. Delicious on rice, as a spread or in marinades.

IWAI’S SESAME CHILI OIL (Producer: Iwai, Location: Yokohama)

Ingredients: Sesame oil, chili pepper

For over 150 years, Iwai has been producing their traditional sesame oil in Yokohama. The sesame seeds are carefully roasted before being pressed twice then filtered to remove any impurities. The result is a richly nutty taste combined with a subtle spiciness and gentle heat from the added chili peppers. Its flavors are perfect in stir fries, on eggs or tofu, in dressings or in dipping sauces. Why don’t you discover Japanese local natural foods through Kokoro Care Packages?

WIND SOMEN (Producer: Kaneko Seimen, Location: Nakai)

Ingredients: “Norin 61” wheat flour (from Kanagawa), salt

Kaneko Seimen has been hand crafting their noodles in the rural town of Nakai since 1877. Their somen, very thin white noodles only 1mm in diameter, are made from a whole grain domestic wheat called “norin 61”. Unlike dry, brittle noodles, this somen is dried naturally by the wind of fans to maintain a soft, fresh texture similar to raw noodles.


Ingredients: Glucose syrup (manufactured in Japan), brown rice, miso (includes soybeans), beet sugar, umeboshi (Japanese ume plums, shiso, salt), yukari (shiso, plum vinegar, salt), canola oil, dried bonito (skipjack tuna) flakes

The ingredients for these unique energy bars are based on the traditional Japanese diet: domestic brown rice and miso. The bars are then flavored with classic Japanese seasonings including umeboshi (Japanese pickled plums), bonito (skipjack tuna) flakes and yukari (dried and powdered pickled shiso (perilla leaves) mixed with salt). The result is a sweet yet umami-rich energy bar that combines the flavors of a complete Japanese meal.

TOCHU TEA (Producer: Hekizanen, Location: Aikawa)

Ingredients: Eucommia tree leaves (caffeine-free)

Although most tea produced in Japan is green tea, there are other unique whole leaf teas such as this tochu tea made from 100% eucommia tree leaves. Eucommia bark has been used as a medicinal herb for centuries. This tochu tea incorporates the leaves of the plant which are ground into a fine powder. The tea has a uniquely crisp flavor and is slightly bitter with a sweet, mild aftertaste.

Descriptions for foods above are references from: Kanagawa Nourishing Essentials Care Package


Kokoro Care Packages website:

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