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Promising Japanese startups from Yokohama to join TechDay Online

by | Nov 12, 2020

Featuring three innovative startups from Yokohama Japan that will be exhibiting at TechDay Online from Nov. 17-19, 2020.

TechDay is a series of events held to promote entrepreneurship in the tech community and highlight startups and their innovative ideas. While TechDay usually holds three events throughout the year in Los Angeles, New York, and London, TechDay will go digital for 2020 and consolidate those three events into a three-day digital experience called “TechDay Online.” TechDay Online will feature online networking; keynote speeches from key thought leaders in LA, NY, and London; a Japanese startups and investors pitch event, and much more.

This year a selection of exciting new startups from the city of Yokohama, Japan will participate in TechDay Online and exhibit their technologies and products. They will also be featured in the Japanese Startups and Investors Pitch hosted by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO).

The City of Yokohama has been funneling resources into its innovation ecosystem over the years which has given rise to many new and exciting startup companies within the city, and even led the city to be appointed one of Japan’s “global startup cities.”

The three startups from Yokohama participating in TechDay Online this year:

Archelis Yokohama logo exoskeleton
archelis yokohama exoskeleton wearable chair


Exoskeleton Service company
“Our product ‘Archelis’ is an innovative passive exoskeleton that reduces the burden of prolonged standing works. This product was originally developed for physicians who stand and operate for long hours. By distributing and supporting the weight with the shin and thigh, the body becomes stabilized, and the burden from standing work is greatly reduced. Despite being developed with medical use in mind, Archelis has great potential in a variety of fields, including factory workers, security guards, farmers, and cooks, etc.”

English Website:

Dream Yokohama logo
Dream yokohama kikowell justhit

Dream Inc.

Audio Engineering company
“We started manufacturing our own speaker systems in 2001 after conventional speakers didn’t satisfy our clients’ needs anymore. We are presenting our beam steering technology in combination with our multi-cell flat speakers and amplifiers. Using any of our three showcase products (Kikowell, Teller, JustHit) it is possible to deliver high end sound quality and speech intelligibility to a pinpoint location even in noisy or crowded areas, without major sound deterioration.”
(English info)

VR Waibao Japan Yokohama logo

VRwaibao Japan KK

VR Environment company
“VRwaibao Japan KK provides VR environment for training and communication to have better information exchange and faster meetings. These VR environments help manage different time schedules and get what you need out of an in-person meeting without the need to visit and gather in person. VR environments help you get more out of your virtual meetings, and allow you to learn, practice and understand.”

These three companies will have their own virtual booths for attendees to visit, and the founders will be available for networking and will be delivering pitches during the event. TechDay is pay-what-you-want for attendees, so make sure to register for the event if you are interested in learning more about these companies.


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