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4 rising tech startups from Yokohama, Japan featuring exoskeletons, robots, and more making a giant step for global expansion through CES 2021

by | Jan 11, 2021

4 startup companies from Yokohama, Japan are promoting their cutting-edge products at CES 2021, the world’s largest and most influential tech event, which is being held online this year from January 11th to 14th. These companies have the opportunity to connect with industry experts and media from all over the globe as they share their ideas and innovative new technologies.

From futuristic exoskeletons to cute educational robots, these companies are showcasing some of the newest ideas Japan has to offer. For those who aren’t able to attend CES 2021, we’ve compiled an overview of these Yokohama companies’ technologies and products below, along with videos showcasing their tech in action.


Archelis Inc.
Archelis develops an exoskeleton assist suit that enables workers that have to remain standing for hours to reduce the load from their legs, reducing joint strain and aiming for “Removing pain from standing works”. The ArchelisFX exoskeleton is made of very light material, “FlexCarbon”. This unique exosuit is ideal even for workers with more active jobs, such as factory/warehouse workers, or security guards.


ICON Corp.
KUMIITA is a robot and panel system that was born from the idea to have children all over the world know the fun of programming. Imaginative ways to become familiarized with programming concepts abound as children play and have fun with KUMIITA Unit and the KUMIITA panels that incorporate learning elements like sounds, pictures, colors and actions.

Liquid Design Systems, Inc.
The “Caregiver Log Med.” allows caregivers measures the respiration inferred from the body movements of infected patients. When connected to the cloud system, the patient’s vital information can be monitored without any piece of tech needing to make contact with the patient. The product enables medical professionals to reduce close contact with COVID-19 patients by allowing for remote monitoring.

Sakura Tech Corporation
The “miRadar 8 Handy” vital sign monitor can detect small (even 0.1mm) changes of movement and enables simultaneous detection of multiple peoples’ heart and respiratory rates, even through blankets and clothing (an excellent feature for families who are not living in the same house). A patent is pending for the accurate heart rate signal extraction method and its “handy” structure.


All four of these companies are located in Yokohama, Japan, the country’s second largest city and one with a strong hub of IT and tech related companies. For more information on Yokohama’s tech landscape, check out our coverage here.



Americas Latest News

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