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Expand your connections in Japan at these upcoming Summer 2021 business events and conferences

by | Jul 14, 2021

The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) has organized two upcoming events happening later this month (July 2021) that represent very valuable opportunities for companies around the world to collaborate with Japanese businesses, as well as learn about and discuss the newest innovative sustainability policies and decisions within the country: the Japan Challenge for Society 5.0, and the Net Zero Leaders Summit (JBC2021).

Japan Challenge for Society 5.0: Accelerate Innovation with Japan

This is an opportunity for international startups with innovative solutions to collaborate with Japanese companies to solve some of the country’s most pressing social issues. The main issues being focused on by the Challenge are sustainability and environmental friendliness, improving productivity and the labor shortage, and building a smart and resilient Japan through smart-city technologies. The City of Yokohama has signed on as a partner of the program, as has the newly-established Yokohama Future Organization.

Winners of the Challenge will be eligible for prizes including: becoming an exhibitor and gaining business matching opportunities at the virtual CEATEC2021 through JETRO’s Global Connection Zone, being mentored by top Japan experts in intercultural business, and last but not least 3-5 startups tackling each issue will be selected and sponsored for a learning expedition in Japan before March 2022 (details subject to change due to the COVID-19 situation).

Applications for the Japan Challenge for Society 5.0 are open until July 31, so interested companies should submit their applications soon:


NET ZERO Leader’s Summit 2021 (Japanese Business Conference 2021)

JBC2021 is a free virtual event happening on Wednesday July 28, 2021 (Japan Standard Time) aimed at promoting green investment in Japan, against the backdrop of Japan’s national government having recently proposed and launched a “Green Growth Strategy Through Achieving Carbon Neutrality in 2050.” The conference will feature keynote speeches and panel discussions from leading figures in global sustainability companies working toward establishing carbon emission reduction and neutrality. RSVP for this event here:

The conference represents an excellent opportunity to network and collaborate with Japanese companies in “green” fields such as sustainability, eco-friendliness, and smart-city tech. Attendees can also visit virtual booths to learn more about these companies and interact in real-time through the virtual exhibition floor.

Yokohama City, whose already-existing Climate Change Countermeasure plan was revised in October 2019 to align with the unified Net Zero Carbon plan proposed by the national government, has been sincerely dedicated to bettering the environment. Yokohama will be participating and exhibiting at the event, as will its US Representative office, and the following Yokohama-based companies will also be exhibiting at the NET ZERO Leader’s Summit:


Technology: Development of mobile dosing / drip devices, etc.
Description: We have newly developed a mobile-type dosing and infusion device “atDose” (patent pending) which can dose a very small amount precisely at a target point. With this device, we aim to create a medication platform that will fundamentally change the conventional treatment of serious diseases such as cancer.



Technology: Development of programming educational toy “KUMIITA”, etc.
Description: KUMIITA is a robot and panel system that was born from the idea to have children all over the world know the fun of programming. Imaginative ways to become familiarized with programming concepts abound as children play and have fun with KUMIITA Unit and the KUMIITA panels that incorporate learning elements like sounds, pictures, colors and actions.

Tsubame BHB

Technology: Research and development of on-site ammonia supply system, etc.
Description: We are a start-up company that was established based on the electride catalyst technology developed by the Professor Emeritus Hosono, who leads the group of Tokyo Institute of Technology. By designing a catalyst technology and a process suitable for that catalyst, we will establish a technology that breaks the common sense of “large-scale centralized production” of ammonia. We will also contribute to society by promoting decentralized production with low environmental impact.

These companies and many more are looking forward to meeting and networking with international companies at the Japan Business Conference 2021. Register today!

Japan Challenge for Society 5.0 website:

NET ZERO Leader’s Summit 2021 (Japanese Business Conference 2021) website:


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