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Yokohama raises local voices onto the international stage in resolution supporting Ukraine

by | Apr 15, 2022

The Yokohama City Representative Office to the Americas is working to bring local voices and actions to the international stage.


The Yokohama City Council adopted a resolution entitled “Resolution Condemning the Russian Invasion of Ukraine and Calling for an End to the Use of Force in International Disputes” on March 23. Mr. Ken Akaoka, Representative to the Americas for the City of Yokohama, visited the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations to hand-deliver this resolution to H.E. Ambassador Kimihiro Ishikane on April 4.


As indicated by the title, the resolution strongly decries the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the threats by the Russian government of the use of nuclear weapons, and urges Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine’s sovereign territory. It also describes that, as a city that sustained major damage and loss of life from bombing in the past, Yokohama expresses its sincere support for the current hardships of the citizens of its sister city in Ukraine, Odesa, and the entirety of Ukrainian citizens.


COVID-19 has highlighted the important role of cities in responding to and addressing global challenges. And more recently, during the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, cities around the world, especially in Europe, have swiftly moved to accept and support any refugees from Ukraine forced to evacuate their homes.


The resolution echoes this sentiment, urging the Japanese government to put specific systems in place to support Ukrainian refugees, and promises that Yokohama is working on local support systems to join other cities and countries around the world in supporting Odesa, Ukraine, and all Ukrainian citizens in their time of need.


This resolution represents the unanimous feeling of the Yokohama City Council, and reflects Yokohama City’s role as a United Nations Peace Messenger City. By delivering this resolution to the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations, the city hopes to be able to add raise more local voices to the international stage, and strengthen the international call in support of peace.


The full resolution is available here (Japanese only):



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