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Yokohama secures water purifiers for Odesa, Ukraine to ensure clean drinking water for citizens

by | Jun 16, 2022

In Odesa, the continuing Russian invasion of Ukraine threatens a risk of to disrupting the city’s supply of clean drinking water to its citizens. In response, Yokohama City, which shares a sister-city relationship with Odesa, is providing mobile water purification devices to Odesa to support the continuous supply of drinking water to Odesa citizens in the event that current facilities are damaged or shut down.


During the second online meeting between Yokohama Mayor Takeharu Yamanaka and Odesa Mayor Gennadiy Trukhanov held on May 13, Mayor Trukhanov expressed a request for support from Yokohama concerning the concerning risk to the city’s water supply, and Mayor Yamanaka responded that he would immediately look into sending over equipment as soon as possible. Following the meeting, Yokohama received an official letter from Mayor Trukhanov formally requesting assistance on May 26th, and a similar official letter from the Ambassador of Ukraine to Japan, Sergiy Korsunsky, on May 31st.


In response to Odesa’s request, Yokohama has organized an emergency effort to source and distribute 33 portable water purification devices to the city of Odesa, Ukraine. These 33 devices will be able to ensure drinking water for approximately 100,000 of Odesa’s citizens (at a rate of 3 liters per person per day) in the case of an emergency.


Of these 33, 11 are being donated by JFE Engineering Corporation, the remainder were purchased by the City of Yokohama. In addition to the purifying equipment, 31 extension cords and portable generators will also be included. Transportation of the water purification equipment will be carried out through an agreement with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

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