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Announcing the “2023 Pokémon Worlds Celebration Events” this August in Yokohama!

by | Jul 7, 2023

Visitors to Yokohama between August 8th to August 14th will have the chance to take part in and enjoy the 2023 Pokémon Worlds Celebration Events: special Pokémon themed events that will be held in the Minato Mirai area of Yokohama to celebrate the 2023 Pokémon World Championships happening concurrently. These events will include summer festivities, parades, live shows, and more!


In 2023 the Pokémon World Championships will be held in Yokohama, Japan from August 11-13, marking the first time that this event will be held in Japan. As such, the City of Yokohama is going all out. Through a partnership with The Pokémon Company, Yokohama City is organizing a series of Pokémon-themed celebrations and opportunities from August 8-14 called the “Pokémon Worlds Celebration Events” which will be held in the gorgeous Minato Mirai waterside district of Yokohama.


The Pokémon World Championships are a chance for masters and dedicated players of various Pokémon video games and card games from around the world to compete to see for the title of “Pokémon World Champion.”


What events will be included in the 2023 Pokémon Worlds Celebration Events?

Below are some of the currently-announced events surrounding the 2023 Pokémon World Championships in Yokohama!
Please note: Events, times, and info may be subject to change, so check the official 2023 Pokémon Worlds Celebration Events in Yokohama website for the most up-to-date information!

2023 Pokémon Worlds Celebration Events in Yokohama! Pokemon Matsuri Park Concept Image

Pokémon Matsuri Park

Festival Area
August 11 (Fri) – 14 (Mon)
9:00am-7:00pm daily (1.5 hours limit per entry)

Yokohama’s Minato Mirai will be transformed into a traditional Japanese natsu-matsuri or “summer festival” with a twist: the stalls will have fun Pokémon themed carnival games and attractions! (Including: Magikarp Fishing, Pokeball Throw, Voltorb’s Rollout, and more!)

There will also be a beautifully decorated central pillar-like stage, around which dancers will perform the Bon Odori, a traditional summer festival dance, accompanied by taiko drum performances.

Price: Free* (*Raffle Application Required)

Pokémon Center Worlds Store 2023

Shopping Experience
August 9 (Wed) – 13 (Sun)
9:00am-8:00pm* (*Times vary on August 9th and 13th)

This special pop-up store will be located in Yokohama’s large “Pacifico Yokohama” convention center to celebrate the 2023 Pokémon World Championships, and will sell unique event-exclusive merchandise, as well as various Pokémon themed products sourced from the Pokémon Center stores located across Japan.

By Reservation Only* (*Raffle Application Required)

“We Move!!” Live Show

Pokémon Fantastic Live Show   
August 8 (Tue) – 14 (Mon)  
8:30PM – 8:55PM daily (One show per day)

An exciting nighttime stage show featuring a host of dancing Pikachu in Rinko Park in Yokohama. Over 800 drones will coordinate a magical light show to capture the hearts and minds of Pokémon fans in an unforgettable experience.

Price: Free* (*Raffle Application Required)

2023 Pokémon Worlds Celebration Events in Yokohama! Pokemon Imagination into the next live show concept image

“Imagination! Into the Next!!” Live Show

Pokémon Fantastic Live Show
August 8 (Tue) – 14 (Mon)
7:15pm and 8:30pm (Two 15min shows per day)

A fabulous nighttime stage show featuring some fan-favorite Pokémon including Pikachu, Lucario, Greninja, and more! Yokohama’s historic Red Brick Warehouse shopping center will be lit up with brilliant lights, water effects, and high-tech projection mapping to create a new evolution of Pokémon live shows.

Price: Free* (*Raffle Application Required)

“Pikachu Gathering!!” Live Show

Pokémon Fantastic Live Show
August 8 (Tue) – 14 (Mon)
3:00pm and 4:45pm* (Two 15min shows per day) (*Times vary on August 14th)

An adorable parade of Pikachu will electrify fans as they amble along the Grand Mall Park in Yokohama. Reminiscent of the “Pikachu Outbreak” event that has happened in Yokohama in the past as early as 2014.

Price: Free (No Application Required)

2023 Pokémon Worlds Celebration Events - Pikachu Parade

“Let’s Celebrate! The Pokémon Parade!!”

Pokémon Fantastic Live Show
August 14 (Mon)

A special Pokémon dance parade will be held on the last day of the 2023 Pokémon Worlds Celebration Events, featuring over 100 famous Pokémon, including some rare ones!

Price: Free* (*Raffle Application Required)

Pokémon Trainer Cruise

Cruise Ship Tour
August 11 (Fri) – 13 (Sun)
9:00am-8:00pm* (*Times vary on August 13th)

Yokohama is a city famous across Japan for its port, and to celebrate the World Championships, the cruise liner NIPPON MARU will be festooned inside and out in delightful Pokémon-themed decorations and fans will have the chance to explore the (stationary) ship, take pictures, and even bring their Nintendo Switch consoles or Pokémon Trading Cards to play with other trainers in special areas!

Price: Free

Participation Info: First come, first served. Pre-registration form needs to be filled out before boarding the ship, but will not guarantee entry.


Public Feature

Experience the real-life experience of finding random wild Pokémon, without having to wade through the tall grass of the video games! Yokohama’s Minato Mirai area will be decorated all over with Pokémon, including themed areas featuring Pokémon from each region of the Pokémon universe. It’s like real life Pokémon Snap; see if you can find and take a pic with them all!

2023 Pokémon Worlds Celebration Events in Yokohama!

Special Bus Decorations and Minato Mirai Tourist Tickets

Public Feature

Yokohama’s convenient Bayside Blue bus line that provides easy access to famous sightseeing spots in the city will be decked out in fun Pokémon decals and decorations. In addition, the Minato-Burari Ticket, an affordable day-pass ticket that allows riders unlimited access to municipal subways and bus lines, will feature a unique Pokémon-themed design for a limited time only!

Pokémon-themed Stations in Minato Mirai

Public Feature     
Mid-July to Mid-August (tentative)

Train stations in the Minato Mirai area of Yokohama (the center of Pokémon festivities) will be filled with Pokémon artwork and decorations. Certain trains will also be decorated with Pokémon like Pikachu, Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly. A great unique photo opportunity!


Pokémon x NHK Symphony Special Orchestra

August 10 (Thu)

3:00pm (Doors Open: 2pm)

A special concert, featuring a full orchestra that will perform familiar pieces from the Pokémon game series, as well as classical pieces everyone can enjoy. All proceeds from the concert will be donated to the Pokémon With You Foundation to support children through disaster relief activities, cafeterias, and ICT education support.

Seat Price: 3000yen*

*Update: Tickets Sold Out.
However, concert will also be streamed live on the Official Pokémon YouTube channel.


How can I get tickets to attend the 2023 Pokémon Worlds Celebration Events? How do the Raffle tickets work?


Tickets to most events are free, but fans should make sure they read carefully to understand how the tickets work for these events.

Tickets for each of the 2023 Pokémon Worlds Celebration Events are being distributed via a lottery/raffle system for security and public health reasons, and must be applied for individually for each Event.  (The Raffle Application Period was from June19-July 3 at 1:59pm JST.) Winners of the raffles will be notified at around 2pm JST on July 13 via email, and be provided free tickets for one of the three timeslots you selected. There’s also a FAQ that might be able to answer any other questions you may have.

That means while the time to apply for the raffle for some of these events has already passed, there are still many events and fun opportunities available without a ticket in Yokohama. Additionally, the official website notes that if any of the events doesn’t meet capacity from the first round of raffles, additional slots may open, and these will be announced on the official news page for the Events. 

By the way, while the deadline to apply for spectator badges for the World Championships themselves may also have passed, information will be available soon on the official Worlds website for how you can tune in to watch the competitors virtually.

What is Yokohama City’s connection with Pokémon?

In 2014, The Pokémon Company held a large-scale event in Yokohama’s Minato Mirai district: “Pikachu Outbreak!” featuring hundreds of Pikachu parading through the streets. Since then, Yokohama City and The Pokémon Company have shared a collaborative relationship, working together on public features such as a specially-designed “Poké-Lid” utility hole cover, and events like the continuation of the “Pikachu Outbreak!” events through 2019, and the “Pokémon Go Fest 2019 Yokohama”, an event based on the Pokémon Go mobile game.

In addition, in 2022 Yokohama City entered into an agreement with the Pokémon With You Foundation to implement Pokémon-themed Information and Communication Technology (ICT) at elementary schools in the city, as well as to host other Pokémon-themed community-building and education events.

Pikachu Outbreak in Yokohama - 2019

Pikachu Outbreak in Yokohama – 2019


Pokemon With You Foundation Yokohama Trash Collection Event

Pokémon With You Foundation Trash Collection Event in Yokohama

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