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The Director of the International Bureau held discussions with the Mayor of Odesa on reconstruction and other topics

by | Jun 18, 2024

Yokohama’s International Affairs Bureau Director, Mr. Saegusa, and other officials visited Berlin to hold discussions on reconstruction and other issues with Mayor Trukhanov of the sister city in Ukraine Odesa. The meeting took place in conjunction with the Ukraine Recovery Conference in Berlin and provided an opportunity for an exchange of information and opinions. The mayor of Odesa also spoke about the status of the damage to buildings and infrastructure in the city and his expectations for cooperation with Yokohama in the reconstruction process.
At the ‘Ukraine Recovery Conference 2024’ (11 and 12 June), which the governments of Germany and Ukraine invited us to participate in, we also exchanged views with other Ukrainian cities, international aid agencies, and other organizations. Over 3,000 participants from 60 countries attended the conference, which opened with speeches by German Chancellor Scholz, Ukrainian President Zelensky, and European Commission President von der Leyen. The importance of the participation of enterprises in the reconstruction of Ukraine and the strengthening of the electricity system, as well as the need to strengthen the air defense system at present, were especially stressed.
In March 2023, the city concluded a memorandum of understanding with Odesa on cooperation towards infrastructure reconstruction and will continue to cooperate with companies in the city, JICA, international organizations, and other organizations in the restoration and reconstruction of the city.

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