Interview with Mr. Geng Cong, President, MedVigilance Inc.

Q. Please give us an overview of your company’s business and products.
We are a startup venture launched here in Japan, and we are offering various high-quality products and content that incoporate the ethos of Japanese-style monozukuri and are inspired by essences of Japanese culture, and we hope to continue putting out interesting services and products to our clients including those in the US and Canada in the future.

At today’s event (ET/IoT Technology 2018), we are showcasing one of our new devices called the Lanceband. It is a wearable device worn on your wrist that allows you to track your activity, heart rate, blood pressure and sleep metrics 24 hours a day. It has a long battery life and can be used consecutively for 4 days without a recharge. When used with the smartphone app, you can easily monitor your health data on your phone.

MedVigilance's LanceBand


MedVigilance's Smartphone application for Lanceband

Smartphone application for Lanceband

While there are many activity trackers in the market, what is unique about the Lanceband is how comfortable it is to wear. The material has a smooth and dry touch, it is lightweight, and you can wear it on your wrist comfortably for a long time. We put a lot of effort into developing a wearable device that is comfortable, because first and foremost, we need users to continue wearing the device so that they can monitor their health data over time. Another advantage of the Lanceband is the pricing; while high-end products like the Apple Watch Series 4 starts $399, our product costs less than $100 which makes it suitable for corporate customers.

Currently, we are working with companies such as life insurance providers and fitness gyms to carry out healthcare projects and other pilot programs using Lanceband. We are getting ready for consumer sales too. In fact, we have been selling the product to individual and corporate customers throughout this event and have received positive feedback. In addition to the Lanceband, we develop other devices such as a wearable fitness sensor that measures and visualizes muscle movement.

CyberCyc, MedVigilance’s virtual reality fitness bike system
CyberCyc, MedVigilance’s virtual reality fitness bike system

CyberCyc, MedVigilance’s virtual reality fitness bike system

Q. Do you have plans to expand your business overseas?
There is a huge market in North America when it comes to fitness and sports, so we’d like to go there in the future. At this moment, we are focused on brushing up our products and maximizing product value in Japan. We do hope to approach the overseas market when the time comes.

Company Overview

November 16, 2018 at ET/IoT Technology 2018