The City of Yokohama is a strong supporter of small business ventures and startups and offers multiple opportunities for entrepreneurs to showcase their groundbreaking technologies and ideas to the wider business community. Two venture pitch events were held successfully this February, giving promising startups the chance to pitch their business plans in front of potential funders, business partners, media and the general public.

The final presentation round of the 10th Yokohama Venture Pitch was held at PACIFICO Yokohama on February 14. This year’s theme was the internet of things (IoT), and four local startups working on various kinds of IoT related technologies spanning areas of energy, electrical vehicle (EV) infrastructure, optical machine learning and last mile delivery, showcased their products and business models to the audience. Another startup pitch event organized by the Economic Affairs Bureau of the City of Yokohama was held on February 18 and featured presentations by eight Yokohama-based startups. The presentation topics spanned a wide range of business areas, including senior care, postpartum care, diagnostics, optical learning, education, construction, and food & beverage. Both events were followed by networking sessions in which the participating startups were able to build relationships with venture capital and other funders, support networks, and future business partners.

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