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Best city ranking (2020)


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Quality of Living survey (2018)

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in Asia (along with Singapore, Tokyo, Kobe)


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City of Yokohama

Best in Asia for tourism ranking (2017)


(Yokohama & Kamakura)

Lonely Planet

  • Yokohama is an international city that provides a comfortable living environment and high quality of life to expatriates.
  • Due to its livability and affordability, Yokohama is a popular place to live for Japanese people as well.
  • An ideal location for ‘live, work and play,’ Yokohama’s living environment enables a healthy work-life balance with plenty of recreational options to fill your weekends.
  • Yokohama has working hard to become a more sustainable, better city by following the Sustainable Development Goals.

Quality of Life in Yokohama

Yokohama has a long-established culture of welcoming international residents since the opening of its trade port more than 150 years ago, and provides many avenues for international residents to become part of the local community. Yokohama has more than ten international schools and multiple hospitals equipped with interpreters. There are community groups providing interpreters, multilingual consultation, and Japanese language classes, as well as a privately-run bilingual town magazine.

Yokohama’s quality of life is appreciated not only by expatriates, but also by Japanese. Yokohama placed 1st in the Best Cities Ranking (2018) in the Kanto Region, which covers Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Ibaraki and Saitama. The tree-lined residential areas are perfect for commuters, being more affordable than those in central Tokyo and offering a shorter commute. While tired workers living in the Greater Tokyo Area expend an hour each way for their commute, a typical Yokohama resident commuting within the city gets home in half the time.

Yokohama also boasts a unique food culture and an array of tourist, sport and recreational destinations that add to its quality of life. Yokohama is home to Japan’s largest Chinatown, massive baseball and soccer stadiums, and Yamashita Park, which is ideal for jogging and cycling. In addition to in-town tourist destinations including Yamate/Motomachi, the Bay Area, and Noge, Yokohama offers easy access to Kamakura, Hakone, Mt. Fuji and other popular tourist destinations in the Kanto region. We look forward to you discovering your favorite spots here in Yokohama.

Finally, Yokohama has been hard at work making the city an even better place for its residents by focusing its efforts on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These efforts have included goals to reduce or eliminate carbon emissions, enhance equality throughout the city, and support its knowledge with other developing cities around the world.

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