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Yokohama ranked top 3 “Global Cities of the Future” in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Strategy in Large City ranking

by | Feb 16, 2021

Yokohama has secured third in city ranking for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Strategy, Large Cities category in the 2021/2022 edition of fDi’s Global Cities of the Future following Greater Montreal, CANADA, and Abu Dhabi, UAE.  44 cities in the world have drawn up for the selection by the fDi Intelligence division of the Financial Times collected survey.

Yokohama Bay Area(Minato Mirai 21 district)has been steadily accumulating large corporations’ headquarters as well as their R&D (Research and Development) centers, including those of Shiseido, Keikyu Group, Koei Tecmo, Kyocera, Sony Imaging Products & Solutions, Murata Manufacturing and expecting continuation by LG Electronics, Isuzu Motors and YAMAHA. Development of a complex building based on the concept of international industry-academia collaboration is also planned in the site of the former City Hall, newly-vacated in 2020, and adjacent district.

In parallel with these corporate agglomerations, the City of Yokohama has declared as itself as “Innovation City Yokohama” in 2019 and has been accelerating collaboration through the open innovation of large companies and support of start-up companies.  Applying for Global Cities of the Future by FDI Intelligence, Yokohama appealed the dynamic movement of regional economic development in both hard and soft assets in the city.

Top 5 FDI Strategy Major Cities city ranking, Top 5 FDI Strategy Large Cities, Top 5 FDI Strategy Mid-Sized and Small citiesThe FDI Strategy city ranking has been classified into Mega Cities, Major Cities, Large Cities, and Mid-Sized/Small.  These categories are defined as the following: Mega Cities with population of 10 million people or more; Major Cities with 5 million population and more or with 3 million population with over 30% of the country’s Inward FDI flow; Large Cities with 2 million population or more, or below 2 million population with over 30% of the country’s Inward FDI flow; and Mid-Sized/Small with a population below 2 million



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