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Yokohama startup Archelis makes huge stride in US market with innovative assistive standing suit

by | Dec 5, 2023

Archelis Inc., a startup based in Yokohama with an eponymous innovative assistive lower-body exoskeleton “Archelis” designed in-house to alleviate the strain on the legs and lower back caused by long periods of standing, has made a huge stride into the US market. Archelis introduced one of the products in its line, the “ArchelisFXstick,” to Hi-Lex Controls Inc., a company headquartered in Michigan, USA (President: Brad Semp), and after a trial period the company has now implemented the device in its manufacturing facility to improve comfort and efficiency for its workers.


The Archelis exoskeleton suit ensures both mobility and stability, ensuring both ease of motion and standing assistance, making it a groundbreaking product for many industries. It achieves this through its innovative construction: the device seamlessly transitions between walking and standing modes, allowing users to walk freely, but also stop and lower their weight onto the device which then can help support the user’s body weight for long periods of time to reduce fatigue. Since its initial development, Archelis has received inquiries from over 200 interested parties worldwide, and it has actively participated in U.S. trade shows and focused on building a network of distributors to facilitate its expansion in the US market. Additionally, due to the innovative nature of its product, Archelis was selected to showcase at CES, the world’s largest tech exhibition held annually in Las Vegas, in both 2022 and 2023 as part of the J-Startup/JAPAN Pavilion.

Discussions for the implementation of Archelis products at Hi-Lex Control Inc. began following Archelis Corporation’s exhibition at CES in 2022. The Archelis suit is not limited to manufacturing environments but can be used in various settings, including medical and logistics. The introduction of Archelis in the US market is expected to contribute to the creation of more comfortable workplace environments. In the case of Hi-Lex, trials were conducted over approximately one year in standing work processes to assess its effectiveness. In April 2022, representatives from Archelis Corporation visited Hi-Lex Control’s factory in Michigan, gathering feedback from individuals using demo samples. This feedback, including suggestions and impressions, was used to make improvements tailored to the physical characteristics of the workers. These efforts culminated in the official adoption of Archelis at the Hi-Lex Controls factory. Hi-Lex Controls employs over 13,000 workers around the world in over 50 locations, and is a leading provider of various regulators, modules, and cables to the automotive industry.


The idea for Archelis originated from a consultation about reducing the burden on surgeons during operations, and it has undergone continuous refinement. With a mission to “eliminate the hardships of standing work worldwide,” the company aims to improve working conditions not only in the medical field but across a wide range of industries. In addition to the U.S. and Japan, Archelis continues its efforts to introduce the product to Europe, addressing the chronic labor shortages faced by the region, through activities such as its participation in 2022 in the world’s largest medical technology trade fair, “COMPAMED,” held annually in Düsseldorf, Germany, by showcasing at the Yokohama Pavilion.


The City of Yokohama assists local Japanese companies expanding into the North American market through its Representative office in New York. Yokohama is home to a plethora of innovative companies, with many taking strides to enter other international markets, such as Archelis Inc. aiming to bring their Archelis exoskeleton assistive suit to international markets around the world. For more information on or to connect with Archelis or other Yokohama startups, contact us at the Office of the City of Yokohama Representative to the Americas.


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