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IDEC Yokohama releases “Yokohama Business Bridge 2018”

by | Jan 31, 2019

The Yokohama Industrial Development Corporation (IDEC Yokohama), whose main mission is to support and promote small and medium-sized businesses in Yokohama, has recently released “Yokohama Business Bridge 2018,” an informational booklet on Yokohama-based manufacturers looking for business matching opportunities.

This is the first time that IDEC is publishing an English version of the booklet, while they have been issuing updated versions of the booklet in Japanese every year since 2013. The English booklet lists information on 34 Yokohama-based manufacturers, including company profiles, technology and product highlights, messages to future partners from company representatives and contact information. The Japanese version of the booklet has yielded positive results for both Yokohama manufacturers and outside companies looking for business partners in Yokohama; it has served as a starting point for new partnerships between Yokohama SMEs and major companies, universities, research institutions from around Japan. IDEC is hoping that the English booklet will help facilitate further collaboration between Yokohama SMEs and global partners in the future. IDEC operates a business matching function and will assist Yokohama businesses and their future partners in business negotiations, even if there are language and cultural barriers.

Yokohama Business Bridge 2018 (Online version with downloadable company profile sheets):

IDEC brochure (English):

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