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Regional Business Conference with JETRO and METI to invite foreign companies to Yokohama

by | May 24, 2019

In October 2019, Yokohama will host a Regional Business Conference to collaborate with foreign companies interested in global expansion.

After proposing a new strategy for attracting new foreign businesses, the City of Yokohama has been inducted into JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) and the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI)’s “Regional Business Conference” project.

The Regional Business Conference held by JETRO and METI is a project that supports local governments which are proactively attracting foreign capital by creating opportunities for those governments to invite foreign businesses to conduct trade meetings and perform business matching with local companies. The Regional Business Conference to be held in Yokohama is slated to take place mid-October later this year.

With the support of JETRO, the City of Yokohama will invite representatives to Yokohama from American and European businesses that have a desire to do business in Japan under the themes of Life Science and Innovation. For the benefit of participating businesses, interviews with Mayor Fumiko Hayashi, access to BioJapan2019, Asia’s largest partnering event, and tours of life science companies and open innovation facilities will all be arranged. The Conference will also support business matching between foreign and local businesses, and the establishment and growth of foreign companies in Japan. Together with the help of foreign companies, the city strives to continue the development of “Innovation City Yokohama.”


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