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YOXO BOX and Yokohama National University advancing collaborations 

by | Apr 29, 2020

YOXO BOX, a startup growth center located in Yokohama’s Kannai area, started collaborations in April with Yokohama National University (YNU) through the university’s Co-Innovation Laboratory. The Co-Innovation Laboratory is engaged in conducting joint research, from within YOXO BOX, on the promotion of open innovation and development of business ecosystems in Yokohama. YNU made a contract to enable the joint research project with Mitsubishi Estate, which operates YOXO BOX, on April 10th.  

YOXO BOX is also moving to support YNU startups by awarding one year of free rent for a shared office space within YOXO BOX to the winning teams of YNU’s annual business plan contest. Two YNU startups, JapanFuse and Ruten, and YNU Business Plan Contest (YBC) Committee have already moved into the shared office space.*   

Since opening in October 2019, YOXO BOX has been supporting startup growth through various initiatives such as an in-house accelerator program, an “innovation school” program, shared office space, and free consultations. The minds behind YOXO BOX are actively trying to learn from and emulate the most advanced overseas startup scenes and ecosystems. In February of this year, Yokohama City invited Galvanize, a US-based tech bootcamp provider, to Yokohama to hold a seminar at YOXO BOX. Through initiatives and networking opportunities like this, the city hopes to elevate the tech talent and innovation ecosystem of the city to new heights.  

*(Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, YOXO BOX is currently closed except for partial functions, and tenant companies are combining the shared office space with telecommuting to ensure social distancing.) 


JapanFuse: operates a selfie-posting SNS platform utilizing blockchain. Was selected for Tokyo University’s blockchain entrepreneur support program and was one of the top 10 finalists for the 5th Japan Entrepreneur Awards held on March 11. 

 Ruten: Promotes telecommuting/teleworking and creating regional communities. 

Yokohama Business Plan Contest Committee: An organization representing YBC that aims to make the contest a gateway for promising Yokohama National University startups. 

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