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4 Yokohama City startups chosen for JETRO’s SCAP (Startup City Acceleration Program)

by | Oct 19, 2022

JETRO’s Startup City Acceleration Program (SCAP) run by JETRO aims to support Japanese companies looking to expand into overseas markets, and when the 2022 program began in the middle of September 2022, it was announced that 4 of the participating companies were from Yokohama, Japan.

SCAP contains 5 “courses,” each focusing on a specific aspect of expansion or industry, providing a more customized experience for participants: Global Scale, Enterprise Business (B2B), Bio/Healthcare, Deep Tech (IoT/Robotics/Mobility/Cleantech/etc.), and Global Preparation.. Each course is provided by a different partner of JETRO’s: Techstars, AlchemistX, CIC, Berkeley Skydeck, and Plug and Play Japan, respectively. The Yokohama companies that have been chosen are spread across 4 of the 5 courses.


While the exact contents of the program vary by course, in general participating companies will join lectures on topics like mindset, communication, strategy, talent acquisition, fundraising, and marketing, as well as one on one mentoring, and networking. There will also be Demo Days for presenting to investors and overseas companies, as well as on-site tours of local US ecosystems.



Participating Companies from Yokohama



KJ commons Co.

Global Scale Course (Powered by Techstars)

Developing “The BEATS,” a social media app for sharing emotions:



Enterprise Business (B2B) Course(Powered by AlchemistX)

Developing “iBSEN,” a patient care management system that streamlines info and automates various severity assessments



Deep Tech (IoT/Robotics/Mobility/ Cleantech and others) Course(Powered by Berkeley SkyDeck)

“Sky Car” a transportation system providing the logistical and technological framework for a safe, multidimensional aerial highway


Herazika Inc.

Global Preparation Course(Powered by Plug and Play Japan)

Providing an online study room service for elementary school students




JETRO SCAP – Startup City Acceleration Program 2022 – Full Participant List

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