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Pharmaceutical research supplier VectorBuilder establishes subsidiary in Yokohama, Japan

by | Nov 19, 2019

VectorBuilder, the pharmaceutical research supplier based in Chicago that leads worldwide in vector design and cloning has expanded into the Japanese market by establishing and beginning operations from subsidiary “VectorBuilder Japan” in Yokohama City.

VectorBuilder’s platform provides an easy way to design and clone customized gene vectors, making it an essential tool for university researchers and pharmaceutical organizations all over the world. The company also provides other services such as virus packaging, and data management through their web platform that organizes and provides easy access to previously customized vectors, as well as insights into globally popular vectors.

VectorBuilder has been increasing its market share by expanding through the U.S., Europe, and Asia, making its expansion into Japanese market sales in 2018 through a newly-created Japanese-language website a logical next step for the company. And now, by establishing a Japanese subsidiary, VectorBuilder’s support for Japanese customers has been strengthened drastically. Additionally, by registering to join Yokohama’s unique life science platform and network “LIP. Yokohama,” we expect VectorBuilder Japan to continue to expand in Japan through collaboration with the strong life science, pharmaceutical, and research companies and organizations in Yokohama.

Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and the Japan External Trade Organization are all supporting VectorBuilder’s advancement into Yokohama, and the Japanese market.

Press Release (Japanese):

VectorBuilder website: English / Japanese

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