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DX Online Seminar for Japanese (Yokohama) Companies powered by Galvanize

by | Mar 2, 2021

More and more companies, regardless of the difference of their size and industry, are turning toward Digital Transformation (DX) to improve people’s lives and businesses through utilizing data and digital technologies. One of the bottlenecks to promote DX in a company is sometimes said to be the lack of support by company executives/senior managers; it is essential that company executives have appropriate knowledge and understanding of DX and incorporate DX into the company strategy. This seminar hosted by the City of Yokohama, Japan and powered by Galvanize will target company executives and senior managers, and raise their knowledge and understanding of Digital Transformation, Data Science and Cyber Security.

Seminar Overview

  • Dates: March 10th (Wed) – March 12th (Fri), 2021 (JST)
  • Format: Online (Zoom Webinar)
  • Host: City of Yokohama (Economic Affairs Bureau, Office of the City of Yokohama Rep. to the Americas)
  • Co-host: JETRO Yokohama
  • Cooperation: Shibuya City
  • Language: English and Japanese (English to Japanese Interpretation)
  • Participation:Free (RSVP required. Limited Capacity. See “Eligibility” section below for details.)



March 10th (Wed)

9:00am-12:00am (JST)

Seminar 1:Overview of Digital Transformation

This two-hour seminar takes a look at what is meant by “digital transformation” and examines the holistic impact that digital transformation has on companies that adopt this new approach to corporate governance.

[Instructor] Jeffrey Lent (Galvanize)

Panel Discussion: Success stories and challenges of DX in companies

This panel discussion invites Yokohama-based companies to share and discuss those companies’ success stories and challenges they face in terms of promoting DX.

[Moderator] Takehiko Nagumo

(Executive Director at Smart City Institute Japan, Managing Executive Officer at Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting, Co. Ltd.)

March 11th (Thu)

9:00am-11:00am (JST)

Seminar 2: Data Science for Executives

For many organizations, talent transformation by itself is not enough to completely enable a digital transformation. If the collective work of a data team is to reach its full potential, then decision-makers and leaders alike must be on board and they will need to be equipped with basic terminology as well as a detailed awareness of how data science products can be applied.

[Instructor] Adam Richards, PhD (Galvanize)

March 12th (Fri)

9:00am-11:00am (JST)

Seminar 3:Cybersecurity for Executives

This two-hour seminar takes a look at the growing importance of cybersecurity in boardrooms and c-suite offices in 2021. After a review of how cybersecurity stacks up against other corporate priorities, we will take a close look at the top five cybersecurity challenges facing corporations today.

[Instructor] Jeffrey Lent (Galvanize)


Please register for “Global Sustainability Startup Pitch” using the following link (Japanese Only):

【Process】After filling out the participation application form, you will receive a confirmation email containing the viewing URL. On the day of the event, please join from that URL. For those who registered, we will send you the URL of the archive recording after the event.

【Registration Deadline】5 pm of the day before each program

【Maximum registrations】The first 100 registrations

【Eligibility】Not only executives but also registrants who live in Yokohama or belong to a company, organization or university in Yokohama are preferred, followed by registrants who live in Shibuya* or belong to those in Shibuya, and lastly others until reaching to 100.

*Yokohama and Shibuya concluded a partnership agreement for promoting startups ecosystem and open innovation in 2020.


Adam Richards, PhD – Head of Data Science, Enterprise

Dr. Adam Richards brings a depth of industry experience and academic knowledge to us as the Head of Data Science at Galvanize. Dr. Richards received his PhD from the Medical University of South Carolina in computational biology. Following his graduate work he contributed to the fields of immunology and medicine during a postdoctoral role at Duke University. For over 15 years now Dr. Richards has worked in data science, contributing to medicine, healthcare and education. His background and exposure to real-world data science challenges gives him a rooted understanding of the field, the educational landscape, which provides him with a unique perspective to help industry partners, both large and small.

Jeffrey Lent- Head of Instruction for the Enterprise Software Engineering Team

Jeffrey Lent spends his time curating curriculum, managing instructors and doing whatever else is necessary to keep us moving the mission forward. Jeff believes in the power of extreme programming practices to improve the effectiveness of software engineering teams. He has led lean transformation of software engineering groups for over 20 years. Jeff is a certified ITILv3 expert and holds prior scrum master and scrum coaching certifications. He holds a BS in computer science from State University of New York, an MBA in Technology Management from SUNY Polytechnic Institute and a Doctorate of Computer Science from Colorado Technical University.

Galvanize Overview

Galvanize is a learning community for technology with eight physical campuses across the U.S. where innovative startups, aspiring students, and large enterprises benefit from a dynamic, unique technology education ecosystem.  Galvanize offers industry-leading, full-time and part-time training in modern software engineering and data science skills, and tailored workforce training to enterprise clients to address each of their unique needs.

Galvanize’s 8,000+ graduates have gone on to bring their talents to more than 2,250 companies, including Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple. Similarly, Galvanize has partnered with Fortune 500 companies like IBM, McKesson and Cognizant to support their digital transformation by upskilling their current workforces.


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